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  1. [Friends Season 1x01] - The One where Monica gets a Roommate
  2. [Friends Season 1x02] - The One with the Sonogram at the End
  3. [Friends Season 1x03] - The One with the Thumb
  4. [Friends Season 1x04] - The One with George Stephanopoulos
  5. [Friends Season 1x05] - The One with the East German Laundry Detergent
  6. [Friends Season 1x06] - The One With the Butt
  7. [Friends Season 1x07] - The One With the Blackout
  8. [Friends Season 1x08] - The One Where Nana Dies Twice
  9. [Friends Season 1x09] - The One Where Underdog Gets Away
  10. [Friends Season 1x10] - The One With the Monkey
  11. [Friends Season 1x11] - The One With Mrs. Bing
  12. [Friends Season 1x12] - The One With the Dozen Lasagnas
  13. [Friends Season 1x13] - The One With the Boobies
  14. [Friends Season 1x14] - The One With the Candy Hearts
  15. [Friends Season 1x15] - The One with the Stoned Guy
  16. [Friends Season 1x16-17] - The One with Two Parts
  17. [Friends Season 1x18] - The One with all the Poker
  18. [Friends Season 1x19] - The One where the Monkey gets Away
  19. [Friends Season 1x20] - The One with the Evil Orthodontist
  20. [Friends Season 1x21] - The One with Fake Monica
  21. [Friends Season 1x22] - The One with the Ick Factor
  22. [Friends Season 1x23] - The One with the Birth
  23. [Friends Season 1x24] - The One where Rachel Finds Out

This season introduces the six main characters: Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller.
Rachel, who left her fiance at the altar on her wedding day, has come to New York and ends up living with Monica. It establishes early on in the season that Ross has been infatuated with Rachel since the two characters attended high school. Several episodes revolve around his attempts to tell her how he feels. Ross leaves for a fossil dig in China at the end of the season, missing out on Rachel's birthday party but staying long enough to give her a meaningful present: a cameo that was just like the one that belonged to Rachel's grandmother. Chandler accidentally reveals that Ross is in love with Rachel, much to her shock. Rachel realizes that she has feelings for Ross and rushes off to the airport to tell him that she wants to pursue a relationship with him, only to find out that he has a new girlfriend: Julie.
Ross's estranged lesbian wife, Carol Willick, is pregnant with his baby. This puts him and Carol's lesbian life partner, Susan Bunch, in an awkward position. When the baby is born at the end of the season, Ross, Carol, and Susan agree to name him Ben: after a name tag on a janitor's uniform worn by Phoebe.

The episodic nature of the season sees the other characters having multiple dates, many of which go wrong (Monica dates a minor in one episode). The recurring character of Janice is introduced as a girlfriend Chandler breaks up with in an early episode, but frequently returns to through the ensuing ten seasons.